Philadelphia Show opens this week!

The Preview Opening for the Philadelphia Antiques and Art Show is this coming Thursday night, April 21st and the Show opens for regular hours on Friday morning (April 22nd). As a reminder, this show is being held at The Navy Yard in Philadelphia, right next to the sports stadiums. For detailed hours and information, click this link:

We have posted lots of fresh items to our website. Be sure to look. There is a group of miniature pots by modern masters, including many members of the Tafoya family. There is also a Maidu basketry tray being offered for the first time since 1987 and numerous pieces of jewelry being offered for the first time, including an outstanding Navajo First Phase concho belt, a Zuni petit point belt and coordinating pin and earrings, and more.

The contemporary pottery collection will be returning to its owner after the show.  Don't miss the opportunity to purchase these beautiful items at great prices. Many Historic pots have also been reduced in price.

by Joseph Lonewolf

by Joseph Lonewolf

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Philadelphia Antiques and Art Show coming soon!

Phila Antique Show brochure p1.2017.title.jpg

The Philadelphia Antiques & Art Show will be opening on April 21, 2017, with a Preview Party on April 20th. It will continue through Sunday, April 23, 2017. The show is being held at The Navy Yard on South Broad Street and Intrepid Avenue.

If you haven't attended this show recently, we want to stress that the show is being held in a structural tent (much like a brick and mortar building) on the grounds of the Navy Yard. Most of the dealers from the show have returned and all are bringing outstanding material to the show.

We will be featuring a beautiful Zuni dough bowl, two outstanding concho belts, two fresh-to-the market pairs of moccasins, a very fresh Maidu basketry tray and more. We will be publishing photos of many of these items and more on our website over the next two weeks. 

To see details about the show, click this link:

We hope to see you soon!

Show at Wallace Hall opening soon!

I will once again be participating in The Art, Design & Antiques Show. The show will be held on January 20-22, 2017 and will be held at Wallace Hall in the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola, 980 Park Avenue at 84th Street, New York 10028. Additional show information may be found on my website at

This show is a very interesting show...some very fine Americana, paintings, fine jewelry, Indian art (!) and more. People who have attended in previous years have told us how much they enjoy it.

We will be bringing some exciting and fresh material, including two pairs of Plains moccasins,  jewelry, baskets, pottery, textiles and more. Complimentary tickets are available. Please contact us if you would like one.


Marcy Burns American Indian Arts LLC is announcing a special sale that has been posted on our website. The price reductions offer a collector a fabulous opportunity to purchase items at the lowest prices ever...don't miss this opportunity! 

This sale will run from now through December 15th and items on sale will be posted daily. Be sure to check back frequently in your areas of interest to find new sale items. 

In addition, we are posting newly acquired objects daily. Be sure to watch for those as well. To go to our website, click this link:

Two fresh textiles at the Delaware Show

The Delaware Show opens Thursday night with a charity preview event. It will open to the general public tomorrow and will continue through Sunday.  To check out details of the Show, go to

We are featuring two textiles that we recently acquired. One of them is a beautiful Transitional Second Phase Chief's Variant blanket. The other is an equally beautiful Germantown blanket. For details on each, click the photos below.

We will be posting photos of our booth later today on our website.

We hope to see you soon!

Fresh material for the Delaware Show

We are bringing many fresh-to-the-market objects to The Delaware Antiques Show. We will be sending several newsletters over the next week, giving you a preview of some of these objects.

In this blog, we are introducing seven absolutely beautiful Nez Perces bags that we will be bringing. These are coming directly out of a private collection and are all very finely woven.  Moreover, the bags are "priced to sell". This offers you a perfect opportunity to own a great Nez Perces cornhusk bag.

Click each link below to see individual bags or click this "Basketry" page link to browse them all:

The Delaware Antiques Show

The Delaware Antiques Show is only one week away, with the Preview Opening on Thursday November 10th, continuing on through Sunday, November 13th. This is a show that should not be missed. Last year's show was reviewed by Laura Beach in Antiques and the Arts Magazine. This was the opening paragraph: 

"If Henry Francis du Pont were looking down from on high on Thursday evening, November 5, he must have been desperately unhappy not to be at the opening of the Delaware Antiques Show. Sponsored by du Pont’s own Winterthur Museum, the fair, which continued through the weekend at the accommodating Chase Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington, has blossomed into one of the great showcases for historical American art and design. Leading collectors of American decorative arts were on the floor on opening night, and many were buying..."

Mark the dates on your calendar and come see us at this exhilarating show. To see the details of the show, go to

Also, see our booth at last year's show at

Contemporary pottery sale and an upcoming show

We have been authorized by one of our Consignors to reduce the prices of his consigned pots by 20%.  In addition, we have placed a few other pots on sale.

Be sure to look at the contemporary pots posted under "Pottery" on our website to see additional listings as well as the sale prices. Artists whose works are represented include Maria and Santa Martinez, Herbert Candelario, Harrison Begay Jr., Mark Tahbo, Russell Sanchez, Tammy Garcia, Carmelita Dunlop, Dora Tse-Pe Pena, Toni Roller, Helen Shupla, Dorothy Torivio, Nathan Youngblood, Al Qoyawayma, Lu Ann Tafoya, Robert Tenorio, Daniel Begay, and Preston Duwyenie.

This gives you an amazing opportunity to purchase pots that are by artists who have been well-recognized for their outstanding work. In addition, we have placed on sale the very important Acoma pot collected by Col. James Stevenson and his wife Matilde Coxe Stevenson in 1884 for the Smithsonian. To see the Stevenson Acoma, go to


THE DELAWARE ANTIQUES SHOW will be opening in only a few more weeks. We have been very busy gathering exciting, fresh material to offer at this show. To date, these include a finely woven collection of Nez Perces bags, two beautiful Navajo textiles that include a Germantown blanket and a Transitional blanket, and a very rare Zuni dough bowl. Look for more information in newsletter posts from us that will come soon.

The Delaware Antiques Show opens with a charity Preview on November 10th and continues November 11-13th. For more information, look at our show page: at their website listing: . Of course, feel free to contact us directly as well. 

We hope to see you soon!


In only a few weeks, we will be exhibiting at the annual Delaware Antiques Show.

About the 2016 Whitehawk Show

It was wonderful seeing so many of you at the recent Whitehawk Show in Santa Fe and of course, we thank all of you who purchased from us. We also met new collectors and look forward to seeing all of you again soon.

Marcy Burns American Indian Arts was recently featured in the Whitehawk Show review published by Antiques and the Arts Weekly.  To read the full review, go to this link:

This is an excerpt from the article: 

Marcy Burns had the first booth to the left of the show's entrance. The New York City dealer exhibits at the Philadelphia and Delaware Antiques Shows. For Whitehawk, she pulled out all the stops, showing more than two dozen pots against walls hung with Navajo weavings, beaded and painted hide artifacts and woven trays and baskets. A case loaded with Native American and Mexican silver jewelry produced some of her best sales.

"I brought two major collections of pottery, one historic, one by modern masters. Both were very well received," said Burns. "Attendance was excellent, both in quality and number, especially on the opening two days of the show. By Sunday and Monday, be-backers overlapped with a fresh group of collectors just arriving in town.


We have been authorized by the consignor to offer two Tammy Garcia pots at a reduction of  20%. This is an amazing opportunity for you to acquire a pot by one of the most talented and widely recognized Native American artists working today. These pots are both exquisite and are early examples of Tammy's work.

This first pot  by Tammy Garcia, pictured below, is 5 3/4" diameter at its widest point by 7 1/2" high. Price has been reduced from $14,000. to $11,200. It was purchased at Gallery 10 in Santa Fe in 1993 (

The second pot by Tammy Garcia is pictured below. It is 5" diameter by 4 1/2" high. The price is now $10,000., reduced from $12,500. (

Feel free to call or email if you have any questions.

Upcoming Santa Fe Whitehawk Show

Whitehawk Antique American Indian Show, the oldest and most important vintage American Indian show, will be  opening  in Santa Fe on Friday night, August 12th. This show launches the peak season in Santa Fe and culminates in the annual juried contemporary Indian Market sponsored by SWAIA. I hope many of you are planning on attending!

I will be bringing outstanding material to this show. This includes some exciting vintage Navajo textiles, Western Indian baskets, Historic pottery and important beadwork fresh to the market. I will also be featuring pottery by several Matriarchs and Contemporary Masters. Be sure to check out new entries on our website:

Posted below are a few beautiful contemporary and historic pots that we will be exhibiting along with links to information about each one. Be sure to browse the website for other new entries, which we are trying to add as quickly as we can.

Miniature pot from the "Shifting Sand Series" by Preston Duwyenie (2000)

Miniature pot from the "Shifting Sand Series" by Preston Duwyenie (2000)

Zuni 4-color jar with geometric designs, circa 1880-1890

Zuni 4-color jar with geometric designs, circa 1880-1890

Santa Clara incised jar by Lu Ann Tafoya, 1993

Santa Clara incised jar by Lu Ann Tafoya, 1993

Hopi Polacca stirrup canteen, circa 1880-1890s

Hopi Polacca stirrup canteen, circa 1880-1890s

Memorial to Frank Harlow

All of us who love Pueblo pottery will greatly miss Frank Harlow, who passed away a few days ago.  He was a very important scholar and author who focused on  Prehistoric and Historic Pueblo Pottery. He was also a renowned scientist who worked at Los Alamos for 50 years as well as a talented artist. All of us who love, study and collect Southwestern pottery rely greatly on his research and publications.

Dwight Lanmon has graciously provided a Memorial to Frank. Dwight and Frank were close friends who also collaborated on numerous landmark books and articles about Pueblo pottery. The Memorial follows:

Beadwork fresh to the market...



We are excited to have recently acquired two fresh-to-the-market items of Plains beadwork:

Featured below are a pair of Cheyenne moccasins. With native-tanned hide sewn with sinew, metallic, blue, red and white seed beads, and a hard sole, these moccasins glow in their beauty. Click this link to learn more about the moccasins:

In addition, we have a fresh-to-the-market pair of Nez Perces gauntlets dating to the early Reservation Period (ca 1890-1910). Gauntlets were worn in the rodeo shows along with other "fancy" clothing by Native American performers who reenacted earlier battles. These gauntlets have passed through the years in excellent condition, reflecting their use but still having beautiful beadwork and supple native-tanned hide. To learn more, click the following link:

Historic and contemporary pots added to website

We have recently added additional pottery to our website. These include pots that are Contemporary and others that are Historic. Some of these entries are pictured below (and there are many more). Please be sure to go to our website to see all our posted material and feel free to ask about any other items that we might have in any of the specialties that we carry.

Acoma/Laguna double-bird vessel, circa 1870-1880.

Acoma/Laguna double-bird vessel, circa 1870-1880.

 Rondina Huma pot with multiple images of Prehistoric Hopi pottery designs, 1989.

 Rondina Huma pot with multiple images of Prehistoric Hopi pottery designs, 1989.

View of our booth at the Philadelphia Antiques Show 2016

The Philadelphia Antiques Show is opening tonight for a Charity Preview benefiting Penn Acute Research Collaboration at Penn Medicine. It will open tomorrow, April 15 to the public and will run through Sunday, April 17, 2016. 

The show is being held in at the Philadephia Navy Yard. There is ample parking and access is easy. Show hours are: Fri and Sat: 9 am - 8:15 pm; Sunday: 9 am-5:15 pm. There is a Complimentary Shuttle that will depart from 30th Street Station to the Navy Yard from the corner of JFK Boulevard and 30th Street (every 30 minutes on the hour and half hour through the regular hours of the show). 

We hope that you can attend!  More information is available at

The show is beautiful! Dealers have pulled out all the stops. Please call or email with any questions you may have.

Invitation to visit our booth at the Philadephia Antiques Show

We are only two weeks away from the Philadephia Antiques Show and excitement has been building. The show promises to be better than ever.

Like other dealers in the show, I plan on bringing many wonderful items fresh to the market. As the brochure says, "For over 50 years the Philadelphia Show has been recognized as one of this country's finest - 2016 will remind you why!" After a hiatus of a year, the show is reemerging at a much improved site, the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The Philadelphia Antiques Show is being held in a structured tent (just like a building) with improved and easy access for dealers and customers alike.

I will be featuring an amazing selection of  pottery ranging from Historic to Contemporary, textiles that include a rare and early Sandpainting rug, pictorial Navajo blankets, and a fresh and stunning Germantown blanket, as well as  baskets, beadwork, and jewelry, including Native American and Mexican.

I am joining other dealers in contributing a favorite object from my personal collection to the museum exhibit, "Secret Treasures: The Passion of Collecting as seen through Dealers and Their Collections".   In the exhibit, I explain why this item will never be for sale.

For more information about the show, be sure to go to

Preview Party: Thursday, April 14: 5 pm

Friday, April 15: 11 am - 8 pm

Saturday, April 16: 10 am - 8 pm

Sunday, April 17: 11 am-5 pm

Also, please go our website as I add fresh items to my listings. You might want to visit the website several times as I continue to post new listings:

 I am looking forward to seeing you soon!