Navajo (Dine) Germantown blanket


Navajo (Dine) Germantown blanket


32" wide x 48 " long including fringe

circa 1880s-1890s

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Eyedazzler design, woven out of 4-ply Germantown wools
excellent condition
ex: Marcy Burns American indian Arts; Private Collection

The railroads reached the Southwest by 1880. This dramatically impacted the trade of Navajo goods, giving a direct outlet for the textiles and jewelry that they produced. In return, the railroads offered a steady supply of commercial wools from the country's leading textile mills, which were located in the Germantown area of Philadelphia. These wools were made available to the best Navajo weavers, who loved the brilliant hues of the synthetically-dyed wool. In turn, the Navajo responded by weaving textiles in "eye dazzler" designs.

The Germantown blankets produced by the Navajo in the 1880s-1890s were highly prized by traders and collectors as the finest Navajo textiles being woven at that time. 

The particular wools as well as design date this textile to 1880s-1890s. Classic Navajo serapes had 5 bands with the central band usually being a serrated design similar to this but not nearly as large. Note that in this blanket the central band has been enlarged so that it becomes the major design element.