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chipped carved root ball club, circa 1880s-1890s
29" long


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Penobscot wolf chip-carved root ball club
-26" in length
-Excellent condition with wear and minor wood loss of the sort that one would expect to see on a piece this age 
-birch root ball 
-circa late 19th century 
-ex: Skinners; Marcy Burns Collection 



This Penobscot chip-charved club has 3 wolf heads and elaborate chip carving. The patina is beautiful (the change in color in the photo is the result of use of a flash camera), and there is terrific character in the wolf faces.

It is believed that the Penobscot and Passamaquoddy used root ball clubs as early as the 16th century in warfare and in ceremonies. Clubs such as this one are rare; the art form responded to 20th century tourist demands with paint and simplified carving.