Beadwork and Wood

Marcy Burns American Indian Arts carries objects made out of hide or cloth, embellished with quill, moosehair, paint and/or beads. These items include clothing and objects made for the Indians' own use and in the Reservation Period, objects also made for trade. 

Many of these items are from the Plains tribes, both Northern and Southern Plains. In addition, Marcy Burns American Indian Arts carries Woodlands and Great Lakes Indian beaded items.

Our focus is on items from the 19th century. With regard to Plains tribes, the Reservation Period is generally considered to begin in the 1880s and to continue to the early 20th century. We carry Plains Indian obejcts that are from the pre-Reservation and Reservation Periods. In the case of Woodlands material, generally our inventory focuses on mid-19th century. 

Please feel free to contact us if you are searching for items from a particular culture or tribe.