Delaware Antiques Show

We have been busy preparing for the upcoming Delaware Antiques Show. We will be bringing some very exciting fresh inventory to this show, including Beadwork, Historic and Contemporary pottery and Textiles. Most of these items are coming directly from homes in which they have descended.

Included in this newsletter are images of two wonderful pipebags which date to 1880s-1890s. Both are in excellent condition. Also pictured is a compelling Zuni jar with ladle use wear on the rim (from the 1870s) along with an early black-on-black jar by Maria Martinez.

To see more details about any of these items, click the link below each photo. Details about days and hours of the show can be found by going to the Show Page on my website:

Philadelphia Antiques and Art Show and more

Be sure to mark the Philadelphia Antiques and Art Show 2019 on your calendar! The show opens with a Preview Party on April 25, 2019 and continues with general admission Friday, April 26, 2019 through Sunday, April 28, 2019. It is being held in a structural tent at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Show hours are as follows:

Friday, April 26: 11 am - 8 pm

Saturday, April 27: 11 am - 8 pm

Sunday, April 28: 11 am - 5 pm

This show benefits the Philadelphia Museum of Art and is Presented by the Women’s Committee.


Go south on Broad Street to the Navy Yard. JUST BEFORE THE GATES, turn left on to League Island Blvd.   Follow League Island around through 2 stop signs to Kitty Hawk Ave and you will see the tent.  

We will be presenting 3 amazing and important pots by Nancy Youngblood. These pots have just been added to our website (click each for a link to more information). We will also present masterworks by other premier Pueblo artists from the 1990s-early 2000s. These include pots by Nathan Youngblood, Tammy Garcia, Maria Martiez, Grace Medicine Flower, Richard Zane Smith, LuAnn Tafoya, Tse Pe, and more.

Philadelphia Antiques and Art Show 2019

The Philadelphia Antiques and Art Show 2019 is opening with a Preview Party on April 25, 2019, continuing from April 26-28 at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. For those of you who haven’t heard the great news, the show was purchased by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. While it continues to occur this year in a structural tent in the Philadelphia Navy Yard, in future years (after renovations are completed), the show will be presented in the museum itself.

In keeping with the tradition of great art offered at the Philadelphia Antiques Show, we are planning to bring many fresh and exciting new works. Be sure to watch our website over the next few weeks as we post some of these items.

We hope you can attend! If you have any questions, be sure to contact me at 212-439-9257 or at

Phila show brochure pix 2019.ver2_edited-1.jpg

Snapshot of our gallery

We have some outstanding pottery, baskets and textiles and thought you might like to see them in these gallery snapshots.

The start to the new year has been good. We have had strong sales in fine quality objects. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about anything you see in these photos or if you would like to ask about items in specific areas of interest that might not be pictured in these photos.

gallery wall.1.31.19_edited-1.jpg

Some of you might also be interested in seeing our booth at the recent Wallace Hall Show. While not including the showcase and textile on the right wall, this photo gives you an idea of what we exhibited in our booth. Thank you to those of you who attended this show and helped make it a success!

Wallace Hall 2019 booth.1.jpg

Partial list of artists represented in our booth at The Art, Design & Antiques Show

Complimentary ticket - please print and take with you to the show

Complimentary ticket - please print and take with you to the show

Reminder: We will be showing at the upcoming Art, Design and Antiques Show at Wallace Hall Friday, January 18 through Sunday, January 20, 2019. The opening is only a day away!

We are bringing some wonderful Textiles, Historic Pottery, Baskets and Jewelry. In addition, we will be featuring major works by Native American potters. These are premier examples of the potters’ work from the 1980s-early 2000s. We urge you to come to see all of our outstanding offerings.

A partial list of artists whose works we are featuring:

Aguilar sisters: Felipita Garcia and Asuncion Aguilar Cate’

Margaret Tafoya

Nancy Youngblood

Nathan Youngblood

Dora Tse’ Pe’

Tammy Garcia

Maria Martinez

Robert Tenorio

Effie and Orville Garcia

Grace Medicine Flower

Dorothy Toribio

Helen Shupla

Wallace Hall group 2psd.jpg

Upcoming Show, Complimentary Tickets and New Postings

The Art, Design & Antiques Show will be opening in just 2 weeks - during Antiques Week in New York. We are bringing many fresh and superb items to the show. We hope that you can attend.

I am attaching a complimentary ticket. Please print it for free entry.

wallace comp 2019.jpg

In addition, we have recently posted 3 pots to our website. To learn more about each one, click the link below the photo:

Kewa (formerly known as Santo Domingo) pottery jar attributed to Felipita Aguilar Garcia or Asuncion Aguilar Cate’

Kewa (formerly known as Santo Domingo) pottery jar attributed to Felipita Aguilar Garcia or Asuncion Aguilar Cate’

Zia Historic jar with 2 parrots and 2 “Zia” birds

Zia Historic jar with 2 parrots and 2 “Zia” birds

Just a few words...

As the New Year approaches, we want to thank all of you for your continued interest, support, purchases and consignments. We especially value the relationships and friendships that we have been able to develop with so many of you.

 We believe that the art we offer is important. We have recently acquired two great collections and look forward to offering objects from them during the new year along with other works of art.

 We wish you and your families a very healthy and happy new year!

 All the best,

 Marcy and Richard

New Acquisitions

Zia holly leaf jar.5.use.card.3.jpg

We are very excited to announce recent acquisitions of pottery from two large collections. These collections are rich in pottery by well-known potters from the 1990s-early 2000s as well as historic pottery. Be sure to watch our site as we will continually add fresh items.

In addition to pottery, we have acquired baskets, textiles and jewelry and will be adding them to our listings as well.

Today’s postings include:

Navajo Late Classic serape - fresh to the market

We have recently acquired this Late Classic serape and are thrilled to offer it for sale. Those of you who receive this Blog are receiving first notication about it!

The beauty of the blanket speaks for itself:

Handspun wool, including the following: natural white, synthetic-dyed red, blue indigo; green indigo and rabbit brush; yellow rabbit brush; pink that is synthetic red and white handspun carded together.

Handspun wool, including the following: natural white, synthetic-dyed red, blue indigo; green indigo and rabbit brush; yellow rabbit brush; pink that is synthetic red and white handspun carded together.

To read more about this blanket, click this link:

We will feature this blanket at the upcoming Delaware Antiques Show and will also have it with us at the AADLA Show. We are sharing a booth with Schillay Fine Art, Inc. at the AADLA show and wall space is devoted to fine art at that show. To learn more about Schillay Fine Art, click:

Upcoming shows, comp tickets, and new offerings

The Fall Show season is upon us and we want to invite you to two shows that Marcy Burns American Indian Arts is participating in:


Wallace Hall, St. Ignatius Loyola Church, Park Avenue at 84th Street, New York City October 26-29, 2018

I will be showing vintage Native American jewelry and jewelry from Taxco, Mexico as well as a limited number of pots and baskets. If you are interested in seeing something in particular from my website, please let me know and I will bring it to the show.

Schillay Fine Art is also showing in the booth and will be featuring fine art spanning from Impressionism to Abstract Expressionism.

Complimentary tickets are available. Please print the complimentary ticket below and bring it with you. If you have difficulty printing it, please let me know.

To learn more about the show, go to:

AADLA -C.mbia.jpg
AADLA_VIP_Ticket copy.jpg


NOVEMBER 9-11, 2018



This show is owned by Winterthur Museum. The dealers represent the finest Americana dealers in the country. Be sure to mark these dates on your calendar…it is a show not to be missed!


We have posted two exciting items new to our inventory. Please click the link for each to learn more:

An exciting pictorial textile is being posted to our website today


We are excited to be offering this pictorial child's blanket for sale. It is a fascinating blanket, with a Late Classic design, lac and cochineal dyes, and pictorial elements of sheep.

To learn more about this blanket, please click this link and it will take you to a detailed listing on our website:

Price is available upon request.

Large Pictorial Kewa (Santo Domingo) storage jar just arrived

mc2160.Santo Domingo.Chapman_edited-1.jpg

We are excited to offer this stunning large pictorial Kewa jar which we just acquired. Pots such as this are rare. Few were made at Santo Domingo in the late 19th century and those that were made were generally used until they fell apart. To learn more, click this link:

Late Classic Chief's blanket and the Whitehawk Antiques Show

In anticipation of the upcoming Whitehawk Antiques Show, we are offering collectors the first opportunity to purchase a unique and very special Late Classic Chief's blanket. This blanket has been in a private collection for many years. We are thrilled to be able to offer it here first (through our website) and then at the Whitehawk Antiques Show in a few weeks.


Isn't this a fascinating blanket? Classic in form and feel, completely innovative in the addition of tufts of the same wools sewn onto all four sides. We can only conclude that the weaver was reacting to all the dislocation and rapid changes that were occurring to the Navajo in the 1870s and 1880s. The red wool is raveled,  3 ply synthetic dyed commercial wool. The blue is indigo handspun and the white and brown wools are natural handspun. To learn more, click this link:

For details about the upcoming Whitehawk Show in Santa Fe, go to

New basketry offerings are now posted on our website

 We are excited to announce that we have just posted photos of wonderful and rare examples of Tlingit and Pima baskets to our website. To see our recent basketry postings, please go to

Included in this group is this stunning Tlingit berry basket from the Steiner Museum Collection.

mc2122 better.a.ed1.jpg

In addition, we have just acquired a collection of Pima miniature baskets. Baskets such as these are very finely woven and rarely come on the market. These baskets are listed individually on the website:  Be sure to also notice the very special Pima  tray and cup with little blue seed beads. ( and

As time permits, we will continue to post additional baskets. 

Remember that The Philadelphia Antiques and Art Show opens later this week. We are bringing an amazing amount of fresh and wonderful material. Information about the show can be found at

We hope to see you soon!

Pottery page restored to website and some fresh textiles

We apologize for the loss of content in our Pottery pages during the past week. There was a problem in the program and we are now happy to report that the Pottery pages are functioning well again.

In addition, we have posted three fresh-to-the market textiles that have come to us from a Private Collection. Be sure to check these textiles out at

Watch the website closely for the next several weeks as we add other fresh material that has just recently arrived.

We hope to see you soon at the Philadelphia Antiques and Art Show. Information can be found at this link:

The Philadelphia Antiques and Art Show is fast approaching!

We've been told that spring is finally here (snow in the forecast for Monday in NYC) but spring will surely arrive with the Philadelphia Antiques and Art Show, which is celebrating its 55th year anniversary! This venerable show promises to be better than ever, with a broad mix of beautiful decorative art and fine art. 

We hope that you can come and see the treasures that we will be bringing! Follow this link to the show's website for more details:

We have recently acquired a phenomenal collection of textiles and baskets, as well as an incredible Mojave doll. It is our honor to be offering these items, fresh to the market, at the Philadelphia Show. Watch our website as we present some of these items over the next few weeks.

In addition, we recently acquired this stunning Navajo bracelet. The silver work and turquoise are exemplary. More details are posted on our website.

Of course, feel free to inquire about this bracelet as well items that fit your special interests. If there is anything that you would like to see at the show, please let us know and we will include it in our booth presentation: contact

Greeting the New Year with The Art, Design and Antiques Show

What a terrific way to greet the new year! We invite you to come to The Art, Design and Antiques Show from January 19-21, Wallace Hall, St Ignatius Church, New York.  This is a show that emphasizes objects of quality and design.  The show continues to attract dealers of quality material, as the dealer list illustrates: )

We will be offering exciting new acquisitions of baskets, pottery, textiles and jewelry and urge you to to attend. For more information about the show, please go to

Wallace Hall Show 2018.jpg

Meanwhile, we want to wish all of you a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

All the best,

Marcy and Richard

Two Historic Pots reduced by 40%!

We have just received a request from the Consignor to reduce the price of these two pots by 40%. Don't miss this tremendous opportunity to purchase these pots at a very reasonable price! These are both very desirable pots.

Click each link for more details:

Zuni polychrome jar, circa 1875. 12" diameter x 9" high.

Zuni polychrome jar, circa 1875. 12" diameter x 9" high.

Kewa (Santo Domingo) pottery jar, attributed to Felipita Aguilar Garcia. Circa 1900-1910

Kewa (Santo Domingo) pottery jar, attributed to Felipita Aguilar Garcia. Circa 1900-1910