San Ildefonso polychrome jar


San Ildefonso polychrome jar


polychrome jar attributed to Tonita Roybal or her mother, Dominguita Pino

dated circa 1900-1905 by Jonathan Batkin

12" dIameter x 9 " high



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Tonita Roybal was one of the finest potters in San Ildefonso. She learned pottery makiing from her mother, Dominguita Pino and her aunt, Martina Vigil, who, along with her husband Florentino Montoya, are considered master artists at San Ildefonso. (Martina raised Tonita after Dominguita's death). Tonita also is well recognized as one of the master artists at San Ildefonso.

The shape of this jar is often associated with her work. She usually painted her own pots as well as forming, shaping and slipping the pot (most artists made the pot and had a relative paint it). She later achieved recognition as a leading muralist and painter, rare status for a Pueblo woman at that time.

This jar is stone polished which helps date it to this early period. It has a beautiful rhythm of design and would be a fine addition to any serious collection of Pueblo pottery.