Zuni Earrings


Zuni Earrings


with channel work

turquoise and silver

circa 1930s

1 1/4" long



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Zuni earrings (with post, having been previously converted)
made out of sterling silver and high quality turquoise
1 1/4" long
excellent condition
circa 1930s-1940s


These earrings are an example of early Zuni channelwork. Before this period, Zuni jewelry
was quite similar in style to Navajo jewelry.

In the 1930s, the Zuni silversmiths developed methods of creating "channels", in which they poured molten silver. After smoothing the edges, turquoise (and other stones) were cut to size and inserted.

This pair of earrings reflects the work of a skilled silversmith. It must be remembered that silver has a very high melting temperature and is quite difficult to handle.