Hopi Polacca Pots

Three important 19th century Hopi pots have been added to my website (marcyburns.com). Here are links to those entries:

Hopi Polacca polychrome jar with large parrots, Anasazi designs, Hopi tableta design and Zuni design. (http://www.marcyburns.com/pottery-collection/hopi-polacca-polychrome-jar-with-parrots)

Hopi Polacca stirrup canteen with 3 Polik Mana images and a turkey (http://www.marcyburns.com/pottery-collection/hopi-polacca-stirrup-canteen)

Hopi Polacca bowl (http://www.marcyburns.com/pottery-collection/hopi-polacca-bowl-with-katsina-image)

All of these are very rare and interesting examples of Polacca pottery. Be sure to check them out!