Advantages to buying from a reputable dealer

A customer recently asked me about an item on Ebay. In formulating my response, I focused on what a collector gains when he or she purchases from a known, named, and established dealer.

I offer good and clear title to all objects sold by me. I fully warranty the authenticity and condition of the work. I sell only items of high quality. If there are repairs that I am able to detect, I readily disclose that information to the collector. I believe in the material that I sell and I own a large majority of my inventory.

In addition, I am available to collectors who want help in formulating a collection. I also offer advice to customers on the best way and time to sell their art and jewelry, if they so wish. For a very modest fee, I am available to advise and bid for customers if an auction has objects that they would like to purchase.

These collective services are rarely provided to the collector by an auction, whether it is online or on site.

Please contact me if you would like to learn more.