Report from Santa Fe, new inventory and more...

 Good news from the recent Santa Fe shows for collectors and dealers: the shows were strong, sales were brisk, and dealers were buying new inventory.  In addition, I have acquired a private collection of post-war Pueblo pottery that I will be adding to my website. This collection features works by Pueblo matriarchs and artists who are considered modern masters.

I will do my best to frequently add fresh items. Please also do not hesitate to ask about a particular interest of yours...there are many objects that are not posted online.

Here are a few examples of fresh inventory that I just posted to my website:

An early Reservation pipebag/tobacco bag:

An early Acoma/Laguna polychrome jar that is very large:|/pottery-collection/acomalaguna-large-polychrome-jar

Navajo set of silver and turquoise hair fasteners with pin: