Invitation to visit our booth at the Philadephia Antiques Show

We are only two weeks away from the Philadephia Antiques Show and excitement has been building. The show promises to be better than ever.

Like other dealers in the show, I plan on bringing many wonderful items fresh to the market. As the brochure says, "For over 50 years the Philadelphia Show has been recognized as one of this country's finest - 2016 will remind you why!" After a hiatus of a year, the show is reemerging at a much improved site, the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The Philadelphia Antiques Show is being held in a structured tent (just like a building) with improved and easy access for dealers and customers alike.

I will be featuring an amazing selection of  pottery ranging from Historic to Contemporary, textiles that include a rare and early Sandpainting rug, pictorial Navajo blankets, and a fresh and stunning Germantown blanket, as well as  baskets, beadwork, and jewelry, including Native American and Mexican.

I am joining other dealers in contributing a favorite object from my personal collection to the museum exhibit, "Secret Treasures: The Passion of Collecting as seen through Dealers and Their Collections".   In the exhibit, I explain why this item will never be for sale.

For more information about the show, be sure to go to

Preview Party: Thursday, April 14: 5 pm

Friday, April 15: 11 am - 8 pm

Saturday, April 16: 10 am - 8 pm

Sunday, April 17: 11 am-5 pm

Also, please go our website as I add fresh items to my listings. You might want to visit the website several times as I continue to post new listings:

 I am looking forward to seeing you soon!