Beadwork fresh to the market...



We are excited to have recently acquired two fresh-to-the-market items of Plains beadwork:

Featured below are a pair of Cheyenne moccasins. With native-tanned hide sewn with sinew, metallic, blue, red and white seed beads, and a hard sole, these moccasins glow in their beauty. Click this link to learn more about the moccasins:

In addition, we have a fresh-to-the-market pair of Nez Perces gauntlets dating to the early Reservation Period (ca 1890-1910). Gauntlets were worn in the rodeo shows along with other "fancy" clothing by Native American performers who reenacted earlier battles. These gauntlets have passed through the years in excellent condition, reflecting their use but still having beautiful beadwork and supple native-tanned hide. To learn more, click the following link: